Here’s a Clearer Video of Xiaomi 3 Panels Folding Phone

As speculated earlier of a three-panel folding phone by Xiaomi, today, Xiaomi Co-founder and President Lin Bin have posted a video on Weibo showing off the double folding phone which we find it’s way more practical to implement on a folding smartphone.

It’s in a table form with a decent bezels

It folds on both sides of the display

It doesn’t look as bulky as we expected for a folding phone.

Obviously, this is an engineering model but it may potentially release to the market just like their Mi MIX concept phone that can be purchased. No details on the actual hardware specs and it’s set to compete for devices like Samsung Folding phone and the Chinese Royole’s folding phone that showcased on CES 2019.

Check out the video here;

What do you think? Could this be a hoax? April fool is still far away though.

Source: The Verge

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