Halo Back; World’s First Smart Screen Protector

Hear of Smartphone, Smartwatch ever heard of Smart Screen Protector? Halo Back is another interesting KickStarter project that bring the back button to Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus.

The big screen is difficult for iPhone user to use with single-hand. Halo Back solved the problem with a smart screen protector which added an invisible back button next to the home button.

The smart screen protector doesn’t only added an invisible back button, it also provide protection of the screen like tempered glass.

So how does it work?

You are electric

Firstly you need to learn the type of screens that almost all handheld devices now use, which are known as “capacitive touchscreens”. Unlike old “resistive touchscreens” (think sale machines in checkout lines and certain screens in hospitals), capacitive touchscreens require contact with something that can conduct electricity (e.g., your finger) to function. Capacitive touchscreens work like this: humans conduct electricity and touchscreens have an electrical charge. When you touch the screen you distort the screen’s electrostatic field at the point (or points) of contact which triggers the intended action in the device.

We lead current

For Halo Back, we add a circuit layer to traditional glass screen protector. It helps to lead current when you press lower left corner of the screen, so that the back button works.

Currently it only design for Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus and probably for iPhone 5s later.

The early bird are able to buy the Halo Back smart screen protector for US$ 12 and estimated retail price US$49. Once the projects kick started, the first shipment is August 2015.

Source: Halo Back’s KickStarter

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