Hackers Remotely Hijack Internet Online Capable Vehicles

Car technology getting more advanced with introduction of online features especially some electric cars like Tesla and even some petrol powered cars like Chrysler, Toyota, Ford BMW and more.

Wired has recently shared a video of how hackers using two laptops and mobile phone remotely hacked a Jeep Cherokee.

The video shows the car driving at 70mph on highway and the hackers able take control of the vehicle controlling the air condition, radio, windshield wipers, brakes, commandeered the steering wheel and even off the engine remotely.

The hacker able to track a targeted vehicle’s GPS coordinates, measure its speed and trace it route.

There were almost half million vehicles has this wireless internet connection,Uconnect.

The attack started at the car’s head unit and it rewritting the chips’s firmware to inject their code into the car’s internal computer network, better known as CAN bus that control the entire vehicle system.

Check out the video below:

Source: Wired 

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