Google Touch to Search, Google Search Made Easier

Google search is getting much easier to search on smartphone. The recently announced Google Now On Tap which introduced during Google I/O 2015, Google has implemented a similar features on the latest Google Chrome update for Android devices. It may not be as powerful than Now On Tap that can search on any screens.

Google Touch to Search are only limited to it web browser. How it works?

It very simple, when you are on a page that you found a words or images that you would like to retrieve more informations, All you need to do is tap and hold on the words/images.

Word – Will prompted you a Google’s logo below the screen and you just need to scroll it up and you will get your result.

Photo – You need tap and hold the image. Then it will prompted up to “Search Google for this image”

You may update your Google Chrome browser for Android to enable this feature. The new update not only bring the Touch to Search update, it also allows you to have faster checkout for Google Wallet feature and performance improvement.

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