Google 2015 I/O, Revealing Android M on 28th May 2015

Google has just posted an official schedule for Google I/O 2015, which will take place on 28th & 29th May.

One of the highlight mentioned were the unveling of Android M on the session.

This is one of the biggest and most awaited announcement from the Google I/O conference.

The full name of Android M will be revealed later as like what they did last year for Android L (Lollipop). In terms of OS adoption rate, Android Lollipop domination are still small, sitting less than 10% ever since it announced a year ago.

There will be few sessions in the conference covering:

  • Android Wear: Your App and The Always-on-screen,  
  • Android for Work
  • Hands-free App
  • Google Cast aka Google ChromeCast
  • Android Auto
  • Video-Chat for Web, iOS and Android
You will be able to stream it online thru Google Youtube on 28th May.

What are you expecting from Google Android M? The name perhaps?

Source: IndianExpress

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