GetFi Plus, Malaysia New Telco That Offers Point System & Rebate Program

A new telco has quietly landed here in Malaysia and offered something different. It offers point system and rebate program There wasn’t much information or news covered on this new telco that suddenly made an appearance here in Kuala Lumpur’s biggest IT Mall, Low Yat Plaza. The store occupied a large area on 3rd floor of Low Yat Plaza.

According to one of the staff there, GetFi Plus is offering Prepaid service and it has only 1 plan at the moment, GetFi Plus Premium 139.

What does it offer?

▪ 10GB of Data
▪ Unlimited Calls to the Same Network
▪ 139 minutes Other Networks
▪ 139 SMSes

50% of the unused data will be carried forward to next month. The starter is RM 139 + RM 10 (registration fees) and MNP is available if you would like to keep your current number. There is no contract or what so ever.

I asked what are the GetFi Plus network are ridding on and the network coverage. He answered me that it’s a new network that doesn’t ride on any other telco and the coverage mostly are 4G in the city and 3G on outskirt areas.

It doesn’t sound attractive nor interesting but it offers something different than others. They have a different approached by offering Point System and Cash Rebate.

When you are GetFi Plus subscribers, 50% of the monthly, mobile data will be converted to GetPoints. 1 GetPoint is equal to 1MB of mobile data. When you recommend this service to your friends and family, you will get extra GetPoint and Cash Rebate whenever they top-up. The points and cash rebate will be snowballed and in the end, you will get more free data and rebate that can cover the cost of the subscription.

The point can also be transferred to anyone and covert it to roaming data and shopping on their e-Marketplace.

Yeap! It does sound like a “Pyramid Scheme” and only beneficial to the early adopters.

Reload is available at e-pay. KK Mart, myNews, Shell, Petronas, Petron and BH Petrol.

More information about GetFi Plus:

What do you think about their prepaid plan? Interesting? Expensive? Share your thought with us.

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