Foldables Are Transforming The Mobile Market And Samsung Is Leading That Evolution

During a visit to Indonesia, TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics MX (Mobile eXperience) Business expressed confidence in the continued popularity of foldable smartphones globally. Samsung has the credence that Samsung’s foldable will set new standards in mobile technology just like the Galaxy Note series did.

Samsung Galaxy Foldables

Conceived from their debut in 2022, the 2021 global sales of foldable few more than 4x exceeded the forecasted market growth by three folds. This shows that the market is viewing them confidently. The sales of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G have outdone the 2020 sales of foldable phones figure in just 1 month.

TM Roh also mentioned 5G connectivity and how it relates to Samsung’s future devices. 5G may now still be limited in the region, he is committed to ensuring that users in the region will benefit from 5G connectivity when it becomes available. He also says that he’s confident Samsung’s 5G devices will be the first choice for users in Southeast Asia and Oceania, and across the globe as well.

Samsung has consistent focuses on improving the smartphone experience for users and recognized the growing demands for a connected lifestyle. With Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem, it will deliver a seamless experience between the smartphone and multiple devices like the Galaxy Watch, Buds series, and even a PC-like experience with Galaxy Tablets via Samsung Dex.

“By having a keen understanding of our target consumers’ needs, we are able to maintain the affordability of our mid-tier smartphones while providing a great mobile experience as we focus on strengthening specifications of priority product features, such as the battery, memory, performance, and 5G capabilities. In addition, various features from the flagship smartphones, such as the enhanced cameras, and dustproof and water resistant, are extended to the Galaxy A series,” said TM Roh.

Samsung plays its role in using technology to protect Mother Earth by expanding its Galaxy for the Planet commitment and putting sustainability at the center of its innovations. This includes Generation17, a collaboration between the company and the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) which aims to advance the 17 Global Goals via the power of young, ambitious individuals.

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