Facebook Introduced Facebook Lite, Uses Less Data & All Network Conditions

Facebook has just launched Facebook Lite, a new app designed to serve users a faster experience on slower mobile networks and Android phones around the world.

The Facebook Lite is very data efficient and load smoothly even on slow internet badnwidth like 2G. It’s very useful to countries that has limited and poor internet service providers.

The app size is only 500kb as compare to to full version at 200Mb.

We lesser data usage, do expect simpler user interface. The UI look alike mobile browser view but with notifications support.

The Facebook Lite are unable to handle video playback and the photo zooming in only limited to 1x instead the conventional way of pinch-and-zoom.

There will be no Facebook Lite icon in the menu after you installed, only shortcut on the home screen.

The Facebook Lite has starting roll out across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, and it available in the Play Store. Just search “Facebook Lite”

Play Store: Download

Source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook

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