Eight Ways To Shoot Portraits Like A Pro With The OPPO Reno6 Series

Some people think that you need a collection of expensive lenses, professional lights, and a home studio just to take good portrait photos and videos.

OPPO Reno6 series

In reality, all you need to up your game is the right phone with the right cameras! Forget about heavy, costly equipment.

Powered by AI, the OPPO Reno6 Series will arm any photography enthusiast with the ability to take stunning, cinematic and professional-looking portrait photos and videos.

Here are eight features on the OPPO Reno6 Series that you can use to shoot portraits like a pro!

1. Capture the best you, in portrait, with Bokeh Flare Portrait Photo

OPPO Reno6 Pro Bokeh Flare Portrait

This is no ordinary ‘portrait mode’. Bokeh Flare Portrait Photo on OPPO Reno6 series helps you capture outstanding portrait photos with a professional-looking blurry background and stunningly lifelike, dreamy bokeh! Forget about fiddling with aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings just to get that perfect shot. OPPO’s proprietary 3-layer neural network algorithm intelligently separates your subject from the environment, ensuring that details like hair and glasses look razor-sharp — while giving your background that signature, beautiful blur.

Pro tip: Try Bokeh Flare Portrait Photo at night in town or during festivals where there are beautiful background lights.

2. Create cinematic videos like a Hollywood director with Bokeh Flare Portrait Video

OPPO has brought its signature Bokeh Flare Portrait effects to videos so that you can get that beautiful blurry background on all of your shots! This OPPO-exclusive, industry-first mode runs thousands of calculations a second to automatically create that magical, dreamy bokeh in real-time. So forget about tinkering with expensive physical lenses and manual focus — OPPO’s incredible AI algorithms give your video portraits that Hollywood film director treatment.

Protip: Try Bokeh Flare Portrait Video at night with urban landscapes like streets, tunnels or skylines as the background. Just tap, and OPPO Reno6 Series’ AI will make you look like a movie star in a snap.

3. Look on fleek every day of the week with Portrait Beautification Video

We all know that putting on foundation and concealer just to look on point for your videos can be a drag. That’s why OPPO Reno6 Series comes with Portrait Beautification Video, which helps you put on all those layers instantly! This AI-powered mode analyses 193 facial points in your videos to optimise the appearance of your skin, brighten your eyes, and apply a perfect set of natural, digital makeup in real-time. It also intelligently distinguishes your gender and unique facial features, including birthmarks, beautifying you naturally.

Protip: Portrait Beautification Video comes with a slider, just in case you want to turn its effects up or tone it down.

4. Highlight you, in the right light — all day, all night with AI Highlight Video

Everyone struggles with taking videos with the glaring sun in the background or a selfie video with the bright city skyline as the backdrop. Either you turn out too dark, or the environment turns out too bright! There’s no need for video editing software to fix that — AI Highlight Video’s Live HDR Algorithm helps you bring out all the details and colour tones of your videos anytime, anywhere.

Protip: You can use this mode at night too! Ultra Night Video on AI Highlight Video automatically raises brightness in low light, allowing you to capture all the details in the dark. No switching modes are required!

5. Capture clear portraits of life in motion with Focus Tracking

Snapping an in-focus video of fast-moving subjects, be it performing artists or pets, can be extremely challenging, even for the pros. That’s why OPPO is introducing Focus Tracking on videos for the very first time with the Reno6 Series! This mode recognises and follows the subjects in your video and works on fast-moving people and animals — perfect for recording videos of kids and wildlife!

Protip: Want to focus on a specific subject? Double-tap on it to manually lock focus, and Focus Tracking takes care of the rest.

6.Get razor-sharp photos with Flash Snapshot

Flash Snapshot on OPPO Reno6 rapidly captures your subjects in motion with a burst of shots and automatically selects the sharpest for you, thanks to OPPO’s updated Image Clear Engine and blurless algorithms. Its lightning-fast focus speed lets you react as the moment unfolds, so you can focus on composing your shot.

Pro tip: Flash Snapshot is very helpful when taking photos of fast-moving pets, kids or cars.

7. Borrow a bit of star power with AI Palette

Editing photos is a must to make them stand out, but post-processing all your shots can be painfully time-consuming. With OPPO Reno6 Series’ AI Palette, you can literally ‘copy and paste’ the best colour tones from any image, make them into custom filters, and instantly apply them to all your photos!

Pro tip: Try it with your favourite Instagram celebrity’s posts to borrow a little bit of that star magic.

8. Make your subjects truly pop with AI Color Portrait

This AI-powered mode on OPPO Reno 6 Series ‘ turns the background behind your subject black and white, making your subject pop with colour. AI Color Portrait works in real-time too — no need for complex editing software!

Pro tip: This mode is excellent for street photography and comes with a video mode too.

These revolutionary Portrait Modes and AI algorithms truly make OPPO Reno6 Series a professional creative studio in your pocket. Discover how else OPPO Reno6 Series helps you capture every emotion, in portrait here: https://bit.ly/OPPOReno6series

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