Edifier Release Airpulse A300 Pro – Hi-Res Certify Dual Studio Home Active Speaker

Edifier Malaysia launched the new Airpulse A300 Pro, a premium hi-res Certify bookshelf speaker. It’s a re-engineered version of AirPulse A300 which already impressive.

AirPulse A300 Pro

The A300 Pro sports a 6.4-inch woofers that use a high-strength magnesium aluminium diaphragm and a premium underhung magnetic circuit design. This will able to produce richer sound from all sound spectrum. It also has a dedicated power supply and symmetrical speaker chamber, giving the listener identical audio quality from both channels.

To push further, both speakers are fitted with a trio of Texas Instruments components, the XMOS xCore200 multi-core processor and a DSP chip TVL320AIC3268. It also uses Class D TPA3251 amplifiers inside the speakers.

Another new improvement is the wireless signal distribution between left and right speakers is built on the microchip’s proprietary technology known as KleerNet. The radio transmitted over 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz spectrum and with a 22MHz radio bandwidth for lossless transmission of the audio signal.

The Bluetooth audio receiver is built with QCC3031 from Qualcomm, Bluetooth V5.0 chipset with aptX HD code. It offers superior audio playback and experience compare to conventional SBC or AAC codecs. There’s also a USB digital audio interface that supports UAC2 digital audio application. ASIO audio driver is readily available for Windows users to send high-quality low latency signal sources to the A300 Pro.

The Airpulse A300 Pro is available now at all Edifier official sales channel for RM 5,999. You can also get them from Edifier’s Lazada Official Store.

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