Edifier R1280 DBs – Mainstream Bookshelf Speaker

Edifier R1280 DBs

The Edifier R1280 DBs is the newest update of Edifier mainstream bookshelf speaker line up. Now updated with better acoustic performance and better wireless connection, the Edifier R1280 DBs aim to bring great sound quality to user on all platform. 

Wooden enclosure isolates acoustic resonance and creates a classic look

After generations of innovation and remastering from the original R1280 till the new R1280 DBs, the MDF woof enclosure is still a staple signature of the R1280 series. Providing both that signature classic looks and that rich sounding only wood enclosure can provide, the R1280 DBs has inherited generation of sound engineering to release the peak performance of MDF wood performance.

4-inch bass driver with Front-facing bass reflex port and silk dome tweeter

Experience your music’s potential to its fullest potential! Each speaker unit of R1280 DBs has a well-balanced 4-inch speaker driver dedicated for bass, maximizing bass frequency. Further-more the Edifier R1280 DBs have place front-facing bass reflex port to complement its bass driver, directing the punch to the listener and deepen the bass frequency even further.

Edifier R1280 has always been known as a well-balanced speaker, while our sound engineer has dedicated a good amount of effort into the bass department, they have always placed a great amount of details into the tweeter department. Edifier R1280 DBs used studio-grade silk dome tweeter, capable of creating a wide range of high audio frequency with much lower distortion compared to the common tweeter.

With the combined might of 42 watts RMS total power delivery, the R1280 DBs is a well-balanced powerhouse of music enjoyment. But our sound engineer has placed a unique touch with the Edifier R1280 DBs, a sub-out output for those who want to further expand its bass quality by connecting a dedicated subwoofer.

Fully in control with assorted Inputs

Controlling your music is a breeze with the Edifier R1280 DBs, with build-in side-panel control for precision tuning and wireless remote included for maximum convenience, user can remain in control no matter the distance. Further-more, with dual RCA inputs, Bluetooth 5.0, Optical, and Coaxial input available, Edifier R1280 DBs is prepared to be connected to a wide range of devices ranging from TV, PC, Smartphone, to home audio system.

Availability and Pricing

The Edifier R1280 DBs is available now at the price of RM399 on Lazada and other retails partners.

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