Edifier Hecate TWS Gaming Earbuds – Edifier GM5

Edifier GM5

From the highly sort after Edifier GM4 dual-mode gaming earbuds, Edifier has just released the new and improved version of the GM series with the new Edifier GM5, which now comes with Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, offering low latency and accompany by high audio quality!

Qualcomm aptX Adaptive

Edifier has revamped from the ground up of our dual-mode solution from the original Edifier GM4 Pix Art, we have moved forward to the industrial standard of Bluetooth audio solution, Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive. With Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive solution, the Edifier GM5 is capable of Dynamic low latency as low as 40ms, yet still capable of Hight Definition quality audio.

Game Mode and Music Mode

Edifier GM5 inherits the unique dual-mode features! Swap Gaming and Music within a second! With advance EQ that is tailor-made for Gaming or Music mode. Hear your enemy footsteps with clarity, and still enjoy your music with its full potential.

8+32 hours playtime with low power consumption

With just the Edifier GM5 earbud build-in 500mAh battery capacity alone it can deliver up to 8 hours of non-stop playback. Combine with the case which holds up to 32 hours of charge, the Edifier can endure even the most hardcore music lover’s need for music!

Dual Mic environmental noise cancellation ensures clear phone calls

The Edifier GM5 comes equipped with Dual Mic environmental noise cancellation for each earbud. Each phone call receives will undergo their own different environmental noise cancellation through its unique algorithm, ensuring each phone call have crystal clear call quality.

12mm composite diaphragm delivers high-resolution audio with punchy bass

Prepare to be blown away with Edifier GM5’s audio bass quality! Using a large 12mm composite diaphragm which is often found in hi-end speakers, the Edifier GM5 is designed to reproduce high-resolution audio like never before!

Ergonomic half-in-ear design for a comfortable fit

Music listening is something we should enjoy, and comfortability is one thing that cannot be ignored. The Edifier GM5 has been redesign completely, adopting a half-in-ear design, giving a place for more comfort and better sound travel. Even the charging case of Edifier GM5 has received a futuristic redesign with a unique futuristic look

Availability and Pricing

The Edifier GM5 is available now at the price of RM259 on Lazada and other major stores.

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