Edifier G4, G10 & G20 Gaming Headphones Official! Price Starts from RM 99

When come to gaming setup, you may have the greatest rig for you to play your favorite games. Gaming headphone is also one of the crucial/must-have accessories to give you the best user experience.
Edifier has announced three gaming headphone and each are driven by 40mm neodymium drivers and featuring 7.1 virtual surround sound to get that extra unfair advantage in games when comes to positional audio.

Edifier G4

The Edifier G4 is a follow-up from the popular G3 Edifier Gaming headphone, now with more advanced sound positioning technology and retractable microphone with flexible mic boom! Also, the G4 series have retained its renowned built in Sound Card technology from it predecessor!

Edifier G10 & G20

The G20 and G10 is a new series we develop to get everyone into the game at budget! Armed with the same technology with their bigger brother, the G20 and G10 will deliver 7.1 surrounds sound positioning and couple a 40mm Neodymium driver to deliver high audio quality!

The Edifier G4 will be priced at RM 239, where the G20 at RM139 and Edifier G10 is only at RM 99.

The trio will be available for per-order now at inter-asia.com.my and in stores in Malaysia by early July 2017

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