E-Scooter N1 by Niu, 100km Range in Single Charge

Electronic Vehicle (EV) is getting norm in others countries and Malaysia has recently started EV cars sharing project by COMOS. The important of alternative fuel for car will be electric motor. What about motorcycle?

In China, there’s a company niu (小牛电动) worked on an electronic smart scooter/e-scooter that can travel up-to 100km range in single charge.

It used 1,560wh Panasonic lithium-ion battery with a lifespan of up-to 5 year. A full charge would only take 6 hours and you can travel up-to 100km range. It is a joint research and development with German Bosch in designing this powerful dynamic performance and energy efficiency. The motor used magnetic field oriental control system which similar to electronic unicycle.

It also equipped with dual hydraulic disc brake system, combined with electronic EBS braking and kinetic energy recovery braking system.

It has an intelligent anti-theft feature on this e-scooter, scooter location, check whether the scooter has been moved or removed the battery, battery level and charging condition by connecting to your smartphone (Android & iOS)

This e-scooter are currently only available in China and it come with 2 years warranty or 30,000 km warranty and 3 year warranty on battery. The price of this e-scooter is RMB 4,999 which about RM3,999.

I believe it will be widely introduced to the countries that has scooter market like Taiwan, Vietnam and more. Do you wish have this here in Malaysia as well?

Check out the promo video below

More information about the e-Scooter N1 by niu

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