DxOMark Introduces Selfie Benchmarks – Can You Guess Which’s The Selfie Expert?

A lot of you may have known that DxOMark is a company that performance camera, lens and also mobile camera benchmark tests. On mobile, they are mainly testing the rear camera only.

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Today, DxOMark announces they are doing front camera benchmark tests. The benchmarks tests are pretty much the same with the rear camera tests; covering photos and videos. Here are the camera test protocols they use on the scoring system;

You may learn more about how they test the front camera: DxOMark Selfie: How we test smartphone front camera still image quality

Here are the overall scores by DxOMark.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Google Pixel 3 received the highest scores at 92 points. Break into photo video, Google Pixel 3 is the winner with 99 points whereas the Galaxy Note9 received 86 points topped Mi MIX 3 and Google Pixel 3. Apple iPhone comes in fourth with Apple iPhone Xs Max after Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

Do take note that, DxOMark only tests few mainstream models like from Samsung, Apple, HUAWEI, Google and Xiaomi. There are more phones that they have tests like from OPPO, vivo and even SONY that supplies camera sensors to the others phone manufacturer.

Source: DxOMark

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