Don’t Trust Facebook Ads. Scam Are Everywhere – HW Mobile Phone (Huawei P9)

To promote a business or sell things on Facebook are very convenient and easy. Some people actually taking it as an advantage.

Yes, Facebook did give a tick badge on a certain page that is “verified” to differentiate the trustworthy of a Facebook Page. There are two types of “verified” ticks, Blue & Grey.

Grey tick is for small business whereas the Blue is available to celebrity and even some personal user that verified by Facebook.

Here’s the problem, there are some “scammer” create a Facebook Page, publish some unclear product information and give an unbeatable price to lure people to go to their website and purchase the product by using a credit card/other payment options.

Here’s an example;

Facebook: HW mobile phone

Facebook doesn’t restrict anyone to publish or promote any promotions regardless it’s a legit or a scam post. They are promoting HUAWEI Mobile Phone Huge Clearance, selling the Huawei P9 (I assume from the phone image) at RM 550.14 with free shipping.

If you click into their website you would believe the website is selling Huawei smartphone, specifically the Huawei P9. But if you look carefully the “Huawei” logo on all of the images on the website were removed and they only selling this particular model.

To make the website more surreal they even add 26 positive review comments that the device has successfully delivered.

So now, they are really selling a Huawei P9 at RM550? or they are selling a clone Huawei P9? or maybe they don’t even ship the device after you made payment.

Eventually, there are people actually fell for it and made payment to the website.

Some negativity comments and status inquiries are wiped off from the Facebook page to keep the page clean and not suspicious.

After the payment successfully made, an official email will send to the buyer that they are shipping the device. Below is a screenshot by an unfortunate buyer and the given tracking number is invalid.

What do you guys think? Would you simply buy stuff from an unknown website because of the unbeatable price tag?

Update: 27th September 2017

Customer manages to get the device but unfortunately, it was clone P9 that worth not more than RM 200 (US$ 50).

Here is a screenshot conversation of one of the unfortunate;

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