Telco Dealers Boycotting DiGi – Cut Almost Half of Their Margin

DiGi get boycotted by the telco dealers for cutting almost half of their margin/rebate starting 1st of March 2019. The initial margin given to the dealers are 6% and now they only get 3% for physical coupon and 3.2% for flexing E-load.

Mainly affected are small and outskirt dealers that offers multi-telco prepaid reload service. They now protest by not selling DiGi prepaid top-up and ask the enduser to contact DiGi helpline.

My personal opinion, prepaid top up service now is pretty easy and its just matter of time the service would go automation without the need from third party dealers.

Prepaid top-up can actually be done via; WeChat Pay, Touch’n Go, Grab and of course their own MyDigi app.


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