Different Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Post-credit in China *Literally*

The MCU’s latest movie, Endgame has gained a new record for earning over US$1.2 billion globally within a week. The response of this film was overwhelmed and OPPO did take this opportunity to collaborate with MCU by releasing a smartphone with “Avengers” theme, OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition.

In China, a giant company take a different approach to promote its new smartphones through the movie. As most of you MCU fans would know, post-credit was never missed throughout their 21 films and Endgame is their first without it. HUAWEI took this opportunity to promote their new P30 Pro while teasing its competitor; Samsung Galaxy series with; “HUAWEI P30 Series, This is the galaxy’s endgame”.

This looks like a cheap stunt but could be one of the most expensive ones to feature on the hit blockbuster movie. Hope that HUAWEI did work out legally with MCU else this gonna be in news headline soon.

Do check out the post-credit here:

Note: I don’t own this video and it was shared via WhatsApp social media group.

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