Customer Received Shocking Bill From Maxis, Some Technical Glitch? Here Explained!

After the new announcement of Maxis new MaxisONE Postpaid plans, there are some unexplained plan changes like those being counter offers at RM 68 and enjoy RM 158 plan and also plan being downgraded without consent or notification to the enduser.

Yesterday another new issue arises to those who accepted the special offer of RM 68 with 5GB of internet data. There are several cases reported to Maxis on Facebook whereby they received shocking bill almost 10 times of it monthly bill.

This is more likely to due to their internal technical glitch. One of the subscriber noticed that the extra charges was actually the RM30 discount from RM98 to RM68 because the plan now has switched to from MaxisONEPlan 158 to MaxisONE Plan 98 and Maxis is honoring the special RM 30 off for 24 months.

The screenshot below showing the balance 21 month of RM 30 discount that accidentally billed to the user.

For those who applied auto-debit may get charged and you would want to call Maxis at 123 to verify this problem. If Maxis willing to refund, make sure they include the GST charges.

Aside that, the 15GB Spotify data and subscription will be removed for those to received the same offers. The Spotify subscription charges now will be RM 9.99/month.

Update! Maxis has rectified the problem and has taken steps to rectify the error. SMS has sent out to all the affected subscribers.

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