[CLICKBAIT] 2TB USB Flash Drive Available For RM 32. Only on Lazada Malaysia

Yes! You didn’t read it wrong, there’s a 2TB USB Flash Drive by the brand HP OEM is offered for only RM 32 on Lazada Malaysia.

Not that’s all, there are even 2TB USB Portable Hard Disk Drive by the brand Western Digital No Brand offered for only RM 168 that normally price ranging from RM 330 to RM 400.

The reseller by the name Beautiful Science and Technology in Lazada Malaysia is selling external storage for unbelievable prices and even the Kingston 2TB USB Flash Drive that announced early this year that priced tagged at US$ 2,273 (about RM 10,000) you can get it for only RM 80.

It’s pretty obvious these are not genuine products and the reseller uses reputable brand images like Western Digital, Kingston, Seagate and HP as their product images. Then they listed it as OEM / No Brand and no warranty will be given.

Just like my previous post about Lazada Malaysia, Scammer Paradise same methods, the product is from overseas, no warranty, positive rating, and comments. Worst it even gets Sponsored promotion on Facebook by Lazada Malaysia. By the time I posted, the reseller sales post still available.

It’s either Lazada Malaysia don’t care or they desperate for traffics they don’t really care the quality of resellers. They would only flag down on the particular post where they would not investigate further. There goes the reputation of a giant e-commerce platform.

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