Cat Lover? Here’s a Smart Water Fountain For Your Beloved Cat

Clean water now doesn’t only apply for human so does for your beloved cat. PURA has come out with a smart water fountain for cats that is easy to clean and provide cleaner and better water-drinking habits. It also can monitor how many water intake by your cat through your smartphone.

According to research, there are 46.8% of cats suffered from urinary calculus, cystitis, renal failure or urethral obstruction due to dehydration.

How does it really work?

When a cat walked near the PURA, the water will flow out in fount allowing the drinking water without wetting their whiskers. The water are filtered with activated carbon filter and always provide fresh and healthy water to drink.

PURA can detect and calculate the water-intake of each cat by sensing ID tag that wore by the cat. All the data and information will be transferred to your iOS or Android smart device.

This project is still undergoing fund raising and you may want to support or be the first to own it for US$ 99 (unfortunately sold out) or US$ 129 through Indiegogo.

Via: Amanz Source: Indiegogo PURA

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