Best Selfie Camera? Oppo N3 vs Casio TR50. 10 Reason To Choose Oppo N3!

Selfie is so widely use, it even added in Oxford Dictionary. I believe some of the selfie king/selfie queen would debate to have a dedicated camera like the Casio EX-TR50 or a better camera phone? Which to choose?

Here’s 10 reasons why Oppo N3 is a better selfie camera.

1. Bigger display
Oppo N3 has 5.5-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD Display coated with Gorilla Glass 3 vs Casio EX-TR50 3.0-inch TFT Super-LCD.

2. Image Sensor
Oppo N3 used 16-megapixel OmniVision’s OV16825 vs Casio EX-TR50’s 13-megapixel CMOS

3. Aperture
Oppo N3 has aperture of f/2.2 vs Casio EX-TR50 provide f/2.8. The bigger aperture (smaller number) able to capture more light thus it will be able to shoot photo/video at lower light environments.

4. Rotation camera & Panorama Shoot
Oppo N3 has an unique motorised camera which can rotate up to 206° degree vs Manual 180° degree. This motorised camera allowed the Oppo N3 to shoot auto-panoramic photo which you do not required to move the phone – this is how it works

5. Video Recording
Oppo N3 can shoot up-to 4k video vs Casio EX-TR50 capable to shoot 1,920 x 1,080 resolution video. 4k video is the next streaming media.

6. Internal Storage
Oppo N3 has in-built 32GB storage vs Casio EX-TR50’s 50MB. Both expandable memory

7. Social Media Sharing Platforms
The selfie photos taken of course are for sharing purpose. The Oppo N3 is a smartphone thus it able to share all the photos/videos instantly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc via LTE & WiFi connections. Whereby the Casio EX-TR50 would required a smartphone to be connected to share the media through the smartphone.

8. Touch-up Apps
Oppo N3 is running on Android thus the touch-up apps are limit-less eg Instagram, Snapseed and etc. Variant of filters are available made touching up a photo just a few taps. The come-along beautifier app are quite useful and snappy.

9. Remote Control
Oppo N3 are thoughtful enough to bundle together with a bluetooth remote, they call it O-Click. This remote control able to control the rotation of the camera and as well act as shuttle button. This allows bigger and wider groupshot or some may call it wefie. Casio EX-TR50 only limit to gesture and timer.

10. Battery
Charging one device is always better than charging two. The Oppo N3 will be your daily drive smartphone and also a selfie camera when you need it. On top of that Oppo N3 has a quick charge feature where it can be charged up to 75% under 30 minutes.

So what’s your thought? Any Casio EX-TR15 / TR35 / TR50 owners? Do share your thought about the comparison above.

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