[REVIEW] ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 – Best Laptop Companion Mouse

If the sound of clicking and scrolling bother you, you’ll probably like the ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100. It’s a lightweight symmetrical design mouse that works for left or right-handed users. It also features low-noise switches with a 10-million-click lifespan and adjustable DPI levels for gaming or productivity.

ASUS Mouse MD100

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD 100 – Design & Colours

It has a slim profile design and one of its unique designs is the concealable carrying strap for you to slip over on your finger. This is a brilliant idea where I used to drop my mouse whenever I moved around with my laptop.

Each ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 includes an additional magnetic top cover that can be swapped out based on the colour you want to match your devices. Removing the cover is absolutely effortless and the magnets hold the cover pretty well.

The colour that I have here is Quite Blue that comes with an extra Solar Blue cover. It also has a more pastel colour; Lilac Mist Purple and Brave Green look playful.

It has a matte surface on both the top-bottom and is fingerprint smudge-free. The MD100 surface is specially treated with ASUS Antibacterial Guard, which has been scientifically proven to inhibit bacterial growth by over 99%. This adds, potentially reduce the spread of harmful bacteria through contact.

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 – User Experience

This mouse is market as a portable silent mouse and yes it produces click noise below 20dB, which is ideal to use in quiet environments like libraries, offices or sharing workspace that you don’t wish to interrupt others while working or maybe gaming. The scroll wheel feels natural with tactile movement between notches.

At the bottom of the mouse features gaming-grade 100% PTFE mouse feet that offer a smooth glide over any surface. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on a highly reflective surface such as glass.

Users can switch the DPI levels by pressing the DPI button at the bottom. It switches between 800DPI (Single LED Blink), 1,000DPI (Two LED Blinks) and 1,600DPI (Three LED Blinks) to suit different scenarios usage. This is great for those who use this mouse for both working and gaming.

The Bluetooth connection is pretty stable and so far I did not encounter any latency or disconnection. You can always opt for a more direct connection via 2.4GHz RF.

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD 100 – Battery

The MD100 is powered by a single AA-sized battery and provides up to a full year of battery life. I can’t confirm the battery life since I only get to test this mouse about a week now.

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD 100 – Verdict

The ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 make a great laptop companion mouse that has fast and smooth tracking with noiseless experience. The slim profile design allows you to tuck in together with your laptop into a sleeve case. You also get to swap out different colour cover to match your outfit or your connected devices.

Manoeuvring this mouse does feel a little awkward at first coming from MX Master, after that it’s easy to adapt. If you are coming from Apple Magic Mouse, the slim profile design do feel at home. How I wish ASUS include multi-device function as we may switch between devices like laptops and tablets by using the same mouse.

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD 100 – Pricing & Availability

There’s no pricing or availability date was shared by ASUS Malaysia. I will update here when it’s available.

UPDATE: 7th Dec 2021

The ASUS Marshmallow MD100 mouse is available now with an MSRP of RM 145.

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