ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip – Education-Focused ChromeOS Laptop

ASUS Malaysia has recently introduced the ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip, a new ChromeOS laptop tailored for educational purposes. This innovative device boasts a convertible design that effortlessly transforms into an 11.6-inch multitouch tablet.

ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip

The robust ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip is engineered to endure the rigors of everyday life, both indoors and outdoors, and especially in classroom settings. Equipped with protective features like an all-around rubber bumper, a spill-resistant keyboard, and an optional Corning Gorilla Glass display, it meets military-grade standards, ensuring its resilience against various challenges.

With a long-lasting battery life capable of supporting a full day of educational activities, the ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip also offers an easily serviceable modular build and a hassle-free enrollment process. Adding to its versatility, the convertible Chromebook comes with an optional garaged stylus, a world-facing camera for diverse learning opportunities, and a physical webcam shutter for quick privacy protection.

Designed to Endure All Challenges

The ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip is engineered to withstand everyday impacts, drops, and spills without succumbing to damage. Its durable exterior features a tough rubber bumper that shields all four edges and corners, effectively minimizing the impact of physical shocks and preserving its critical components. Moreover, the spill-resistant keyboard can handle liquid spills of up to 405 cc, making it effortless to drain, clean, and dry minor splashes. Additionally, the Chromebook’s rubber safety grip provides not only sturdy support but also enhances grip, reducing the risk of accidental drops.

Furthermore, the keyboard is crafted to resist tampering, ensuring the keys remain securely in place, while the micro-dimpled finish prevents fingerprint smudges, keeping the device cleaner for longer. Tested to meet US military-grade MIL-STD-810H durability standards and rigorous ASUS quality checks, the ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip has proven its capability to endure drops of up to 120 cm, surpassing standard desk heights. Its display hinge and I/O ports have also undergone thorough testing to withstand the strains of daily use.

Empowering Learning Experiences

The ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip amplifies learning experiences with its convertible design, equipped with a garaged stylus for precise movements, enabling students to take notes, sketch, and capture ideas effortlessly. The stylus also charges automatically when stored, ensuring it is always ready for use. Moreover, the inclusion of a world-facing camera positioned above the keyboard encourages students to explore new ways of learning by capturing photos and videos in tablet mode.

With top-notch connectivity, including WiFi 6 technology and a comprehensive set of I/O ports, such as USB Type-C®, USB 3.2 Type-A, microSD card reader, audio combo jack, and Kensington Lock slot, the ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip ensures students have access to all necessary tools. Its robust battery life of up to 12 hours on a single charge allows uninterrupted learning and entertainment throughout the day.

Prioritizing Hygiene and Safety

The ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip prioritizes user protection with ASUS Antimicrobial Guard, a surface treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria by over 99% within 24 hours, promoting cleanliness and reducing the spread of harmful bacteria via contact. Additionally, the screen is certified by TUV Rheinland for low blue-light emissions, safeguarding students’ eyes during prolonged study sessions. The built-in physical webcam shutter provides instant privacy, allowing users to swiftly block out the outside world when necessary.

Effortless Maintenance

To minimize maintenance costs and downtime, the ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip features a modular construction that facilitates easy servicing, enabling key components like the keyboard, touchpad, and panel to be replaced quickly using simple tools. Additionally, the secure attachment of the underside using captive screws eliminates concerns about losing small parts during repairs.

The Power of Google for Education

Empowering educational institutions further, the ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip offers the best of Google for Education, granting full access to Google Play and the comprehensive capabilities of Google Workspace for Education, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet, ensuring seamless collaboration and synchronization with favorite apps. The Google Admin console allows school IT staff to manage various policies and settings remotely. Chrome Education Upgrade unlocks the complete potential of ChromeOS, alleviating teacher workloads and allowing educators to concentrate on learning outcomes without compromising security. The Chromebook’s automatic updates and built-in virus protection guarantee a secure and up-to-date experience, backed by the robust security of a personal Google Account, ensuring the safety of private documents, emails, photos, and confidential data at all times.

Availability & Pricing

The ASUS Chromebook CR11 Flip is now available starting from RM 1,789 from authorized ASUS resellers. The base model includes 4GB LPDDR5 RAM and 32GB eMMC storage at the aforementioned price, while the option with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and 64GB eMMC storage is priced at RM 2,099.

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