ASUS BR1100F – Best Full-features Windows Laptop for Primary School Learning

The ASUS BR1100F which I recently reviewed is one of the best full-features Windows laptop for students of all ages.


Here are 6 reasons you should consider to get this laptop for your children or classes.

Military-grade Reliability

The ASUS BR1100F laptop is built to withstand everyday knocks, bumps and even drop. It built like a tank to keep the laptop protected and safe. The ASUS BR1100F has all four-rounded exterior edges and corner which protected by a tough rubber bumper.

Then there’s the spill-resistant keyboard that can cope with liquid spills of up to 3330 cc without damaging the internal components. So it’s easily drained and cleaned. The keyboard also designed to resist tampering by featuring a minimal gap between the edges of the keycaps and the keyboard surround. This prevent the keys being pried out accidentally.

This tank laptop surpass demanding US military-grade MIL-STD-810H durability standards, so you will have peace of mind.

Convertible Touch Screen Laptop

The ASUS BR1100F is not just a laptop, it’s a convertible that supports touch input, an active stylus pen is also included and can be slot into the laptop for charging. Learning can be fun and versatile with this laptop.

ASUS AI Noise-cancelling & Noise-reduction Camera

The new norm of remote learning and video conferencing is not changing anytime soon. ASUS includes innovative ASUS AI- noise-cancelling and 3D noise reduction technologies to enhance the remote learning experience further.

Webcam Privacy Shield

ASUS also included a webcam privacy shutter to sure one would able to stalk your children when they are using the laptop.

Antibacterial Protection Keyboard & Low Blue-light Emission

The surfaces of this laptop are treated with ASUS BacGuard which is an internationally recognized ISO 22196 standard. While the 11.6-inch IPS display is also certified by TÜV Rheinland for low blue-light emissions. This would help to protect student’s eyes from prolonged use of the laptop.

Easy Maintenance with Modular Design

The ASUS BR1100F is designed for easy servicing and this brings reduce downtime. All the key components like keyboard, battery, thermal module and even I/O ports are easy to be swapped out. All can be done by using simple tools.

ASUS also using captive screws where you will not losing these tiny parts during the repairs.

ASUS Malaysia also offering a FREE demo/trial for school’s management who wish to undertake the free trials for your students to experience the ASUS BR1100F laptops in actual learning environment. For more info: ASUS BR1100F Demo/Trial Program.

You may check out the promo video

This article brought to you by ASUS Malaysia
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