Apple’s WWDC 2015: Apple Music Available for iOS, MacOS, Android & Windows PC

As speculated two weeks ago. Apple has just announce on WWDC that Apple Music is the company’s newly music streaming service that will be available not only for their in-house product, iPhone, iPad, iPod & MacOS and also for Android and Windows PC.

Apple Music is a “revolutionary” streaming service that offers music from Apple’s huge music catalogue, gives you personolised music recommendations as well as access to the new Apple Music Radio service. The first station in Apple Music Radio, dubbed Beats 1, is a 24/7 live international radio station hosted by popular DJs that play everything that has to do with music and music culture.

Apple Music will be available in over 100 countries and carrying over 30 million music tracks. The individual plan will cost US$ 9.99 per month and family plans for up to six people with cost of US$ 14,99 per month. Apple will be giving everyone a free three month trial before actual subscribing to it.

Source: BusinessWire

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