Apple’s “Move to iOS” App To Make Switch to iOS

Apple plan to offering an app that make it easier for Android users to make the switch to iOS, Move to iOS.

The app allows Android users to move their “contacts, message history, camera photos and video, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper and DRM-free songs and books.

It even help to switch from Android to iOS stock their iPhone or iPad with the same apps they had installed on their previous phone. Free apps that were on Android device will be suggested for download on the Apple App Store. Paid apps will be appears as Wish List in iTunes.

Once the transfer completed, Apple leaves a suggestion on the screen that Android user can recycle their old Android device for free at any Apple Store.

The Move to iOS are expected to be available around the same date the iOS 9 is released globally.

Does Play Store would approve this apps to be available on their store with such treat to them? 

Source: Apple

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