Apple Watch Software Update, watchOS 2.0. Support Native Apps, New Watch Faces, Nightstand Mode & More

Apple has just rolled out new software update for Apple Watch which bring major improvement and fix most of the critical bug.

The watchOS 2.0 bring a few new features such as new watch faces that preview Time-Lapse. It previewed the dazzling time-lapse videos shot over 24 hours in iconic location around the world.

You may also pick image from the Photos apps on your watch and set it as your watch face. It also supported Live Photos features that show animation of the motion before and after you took the photo.

You can also can have your photos in Photo Album set as your face watch and it will change to different image from your Favorites whenever you raise your wrist.

A new feature “Time Travel”mode allows you to peek into the future and see what events and changes you’ve got coming up in the next few hours.

With the new watchOS 2.0, it now support native apps and complications. Native support will make using third-party apps a much nicer experience on the watch itself without needing to communicate to the phone. This bring more responsive experience.

The new update bring Nightstand mode, a digital display that illuminates whenever you touch the screen, the Digital Crown, or the side button.

To update to watchOS 2.0, you are required to update your iPhone to iOS 9.0, open the Watch app and check for updates under General settings. The update is 515 MB and the watch are required to have atleast 50% battery and your iPhone is connected to WiFi environment.

In details of the new watchOS 2.0 for Apple Watch

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