Apacer ASMini: Pocket-sized SSD

Apacer has introduced a new pocket-sized SSD, ASmini that feature read/write speed of 450MB/s and 400MB/s.

The Apacer ASMini offers up to 240GB in storage and capable to resist shock and impact, thus you data are safely guarded. With the 250GB of storage, it can hold up to 6 hours of 4K video.

At the size of a name card with 8.1cm x 5.4cm in dimension, the ASMini has unequaled portability with only 0.6cm thickness.

It equipped with USB 3.1 Type-C and able to perform read/write speed at 450/400MB/s. For example, to process one thousand 10MB images, only as 21 seconds are needed.

When talk about protection, the ASMini is engineered with the same level protections against shock and impact as SSDs, withstanding up to 20G of vibration and 1,500G of shock force. It also has a built-in technology like TRIM, NCQ, ECC 72bit/1KB and S.M.A.R.T. that can automatically monitor qualities to ensure better operation efficiency for extended lifespan.

Apacer also published specially designed Apacer SSDWidget software which allows users to examine the SSD status as well as instant firmware update.

The Apacer ASMini will be available in Malaysia soon and no words on the price till it official available in Malaysia’s shore.

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