Andy, The ArtBot – Meitu Made A.I. To Make The World A More Beautiful Place

Meitu Inc., a publisher of the world-renowned photo-editing app Meitu, is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty around the world. For almost 10 years, Meitu has been an innovator in apps that generate 6 billion photos per month globally. Today, Meitu managed to expand its expertise to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and created its first ever A.I. painting robot – Andy, the ArtBot.

What makes Andy so unique?
Unlike other photo-editing functions that add effects to original photos, Andy breaks up and reconstructs photos, then turns them into paintings within 5 seconds. Its segmentation technique is so humanized that it recognizes humans in photos and is able to take them out from the backgrounds behind them, and turn into a brand new painting.

Undoubtedly, Andy marks the beginning of A.I. in the art industry. As Andy continues to learn, more painting styles created through A.I. will be developed. Andy may not be comparable to any of the great painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, etc., but it will certainly lead a different art trend for the future.

How Andy works?

You can download the App here for Android & iOS

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