AMOLED Display For Mobile Is Now Cheaper Than LCD. End of LCD Panel for Mobile?

AMOLED screen is one of the best screen that offered to a smartphone and most of the flagship would features AMOLED due to brighter and sharper colors output, deeper saturation as well power efficient as compare to LCD panel.

The reason AMOLED panel was not widely use was due to higher production cost. According to IHS Technology, due to high demands of AMOLED panel over years the production cost has dropped tremendously and first time ever AMOLED panel’s cost is lower than LCD display. In 2016 Q1, the 5-inch Full HD AMOLED panel is at US$ 14.30 where the LCD panel is US$ 14.60.

With the new affordability price point over the LCD, we will be seeing more manufacturers to use AMOLED panel as the default display regardless mid-range and as well the entry-level devices.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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