70mai Dash Cam Pro – Open for Crowdfunding Soon

About a year ago, I’ve reviewed one of the best-looking dashcams from 70mai. 70mai is Mijia crowdfunding platform that belongs to Xiaomi.

70mai is now doing another crowdfunding through Indiegogo to release their new and improved dashcam, 70mai Dash Cam Pro.

The new version of dashcam now comes with a display while the company makes it as compact as possible to hide it behind the rear view mirror. This allows maximum windscreen view without any blockage.

The recording resolution has bumped up from 1,080p to 1,944p and uses newer camera sensor from Sony, IMX335. The new lens has an optimized 140-degree wide-angle lens with f/1.8 aperture. It also supported WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to capture more details both in darkness and strong light condition without exposing or blanked-out footages.

ADAS is an assistance system that was missing on the first gen dashcam and now it’s made available on the Dash Cam Pro. It will give a real-time alert warns when you veering off the lane or when about to hit another vehicle.

The new dash cam also does time-lapse, motion detection and as well keep recording in parking mode*.
*different wiring installation required

Here are the tech specs of the new 70mai Dash Cam Pro.

You may now register of interest over their website and gets 50% off when the crowdfund made available.

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