280-degree Dashcam for Under RM 400 (US$ 99)

Dashcam is very common nowadays, there are even car manufacturers pre-bundled when you purchase a new car. It can get very expensive and also very cheap depending on features and quality.

Some road incidents occur are out of view if you have just a front-facing dashcam. To have a 2 ways recording dashcam would be ideal but it’s expensive. Why not get 2 good budget dashcams?

Here I will be sharing on how to get a 280-degree (2 ways) footage dashcam coverage for under RM 400. I would recommend any of these two dashcams from 70mai; 70mai Dashcam and 70mai Pro Dashcam.

I’ve done a review on both of the dashcams and they are good and not expensive for a WiFi capability dashcam.

[REVIEW] 70mai Dashcam Pro – The Most Affordable Dashcam with Parking Surveillance
[REVIEW] 70Mai WiFi Dashcam – Worthy Good Looking Dashcam

The reasons I pick these two dashcams are because of its compact size, WiFi capability and the wobble-less stick mount.

Here’s a “How-to” install the dashcam for the front and rear of your car;

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