18-day Old Baby Sold For An iPhone in China

Yes! You read it right! An 18-day old baby girl were sold to buy a new motorcycle and an Apple iPhone. A 19 year old young man in China sell of his newborn through the popular messaging app QQ and close the deal without the consent of the child’s biological mother.

The incident took place in the city of Tong’an in the eastern coastal province of Fujian. The baby were negotiated up to US$ 3,500 with the buyer who wanted to get a child for his sister. The mother was very upset when she found out the baby was sold for an iPhone and left the city, later gotten tracked down by the police after a year.

The father turned himself to the police and the mother was arrested. “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to others people to raise. I really don’t know that it was illegal” said by the mother.

Both of the mother and father have now been sentenced where the man will serve a three year prinson sentence while the mother received 30 months in prison.

The baby will still being look after by the buyer’s sister.

Via: PhoneArena, Source: Epoch Times

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